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[ forêt ]


FORÊT, concrete performance, unveils the stigmas of bodies rooted to wild nature, undertaking with ardour to explore the immediacy of the being, and sending back to where it all begun, to the origin. Between abandon and exaltation, then begins the intimate movement, this primal beat, almost animal, that precedes thought. The immanence of the being in its greatest fragility and its most authentic natural, at this very precise moment becomes reality through its existence, its explanation, its value. 

By exposing the vulnerability but also the strength of naked bodies, FORÊT try to explore the genesis of human being and propose a sociological vision, with an anthropological approach, the state body where the norm would exist. Following the rythm of a succession of scenes underlining the intrasocial of nudity, the piece recount the opposing process between body and mind, matter and spirit, shifting from reason to morality. From its original clear state, to its actual public controversy, FORÊT felt the need to unfold a reconciliation ground of the audience perspective of nudity, from then becoming a witness of the true existence and the physiological diversity of the performers... Until the naked body gets banned from society, and clothes erotisize and sexualize the body more than ever. Thus, the organic costumes comes into being, and its matter dictates its appearance just as much as the performers movement.