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[ imagine, create, propagate ]


[new creation 2020-2021]

In a sculptural body language, eight women and men revive an ancient memorial and expose different archetypes of the human psyche. Among walking spectator, these living statues come alive, then go out, each with force and modesty. Enigmatic stories, dogmatic and fragile works, MUSEUM proposes a vibrant collection in a space of plurality and inclusion. MUSEUM evokes the disturbance more than the arrangement, the interrogation rather than the peremptory one, the vulnerability rather than the unbreakable, to sum up the museum of the fragility of the humans.

[previous creation 2017-2019] FORÊT__________________________________________________________

FORÊT unveils the stigmas of bodies rooted to wild nature, undertaking with ardour to explore the immediacy of the being, and sending back to where it all begun, to the origin. Between abandon and exaltation, then begins the intimate movement, this primal beat, almost animal, that precedes thought. The immanence of the being in its greatest fragility and its most authentic natural, at this very precise moment becomes reality through its existence, its explanation, its value. 

“ [...] strong in images [...] like a contemplative look at a human vivarium …  Catherine Lalonde. LE DEVOIR.
[...] a tremendous experience [...] Maïté. WEB & MASCARA.
“ [...] naked bodies, political bodies [...]  Alain-Martin Chartrand. JEU, Revue de Théâtre.
“ [...] six performers who have really different bodies, that's really cool [...]  Stéphanie Dufresne.  ON DIRA CE QU'ON VOUDRA, ICI Première, Radio-Canada.
“ [...] gentle social allegory  about our different human origins [...] Robert St-Amour. SUR LES PAS DU SPECTATEUR.
" [...] A beautiful fable about innocence  and self-discovery, and especially about the genesis of humanity. Denis-Martin Chabot. CULTURE AREA.
“ [...] this piece intrigues by how  it approaches its subject [...] Lucie Lesclauze. DFDANSE.